About us

The Consorzio Turistico Calabria Vigorosa, established in Praia a Mare, has been financed by FESR funds, precisely by the POR CALABRIA FESR 2007-2013 PISL LOCAL TOURISTIC SYSTEMS/LOCAL TOURISTIC DESTINATIONS PIA.

Calabria Vigorosa’s Ceo is Anna Maria Colino.

The network of enterprises that constitute Calabria Vigorosa is composed by Rocco Autolinee SRL established in Lagonegro, Excelsa Viaggi established in Tortora and Eurotravel established in Maratea.

Rocco Autolinee main activities are national bus service and rent a car service, its equipment guarantees the transport up to 75 persons.

Eurotravel is specialized in local transport, with its rent a car and shuttle services.

Excelsa Viaggi is a travel agency working for the Travelbuy Italia network and it is trying to develop a strong income flow of tourist to northern Calabria.

The union of Rocco Autolinee SRL, Eurotravel and Excelsa Viaggi and their financial efforts made Calabria Vigorosa come real with the aim of making ‘Riviera dei Cedri’ a strong income enclave that in the future can be appointed as an example for the whole region of Calabria.