Palazzo Ducale dei Ruffo

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It stands on a cliff with a breathtaking view of the sea. It was built by Hermes, first prior of Bagnara, and was inhabited by the same religious, around 1100. Many personalities stayed here, including Richard the Lionheart. It was destroyed by the earthquake of 1783. Reconstructed, it was the residence of the Ruffo family and the Mazzetti family. It has been recently renovated but is not yet open to the public.

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In the fifties, two local professionals, in the name of the nineteenth-century vocation of beauty and urbanism, the engineer De Moià and the architect Albanese designed a project that involved the transformation of the castle into a grand hotel. Unfortunately, the project did not, like those of the Coffee House and the Teatro Regio, had a practical realization, but remains a testimony to Bagnara’s noteworthy cultural vivacity.


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