Music, what a passion

Bagnara has always had a particular fondness for music. Mia Martini (in the photo on the left the monument to memory) and sister Loredana Berté are native to this city that boasts an uncommon band tradition. Mia Martini started very young to sing in country festivals and soon imposed itself on a national level. Among his most beautiful songs “The Magone” and “Little Man” with which he won the 1972 Festivalbar.

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A monument is dedicated to Mia Martini and in his honor every year, in the first ten days of October, a singing competition takes place in Piazza Municipio. Very curious are the stories of the Bagnarese music bands whose life is very tied to the administrative and political events of the city. The red band and the white band were, since their inception, antagonistic among themselves. The first of them dates back to the mid-1800s. Two musicians led by Vincenzo Putortì and Luigi Bagalà. Diverging interests led to a deep rift between them so much that the municipal council in 1896 was forced to dissolve the gang. There was a heated debate over the choice of the new director. It was appointed Gerolamo Calì of the white party that then ruled. But 3 years later the reds went to the city government. Calì was sent away and in his place his antagonist Francesco Alati was appointed. Calì did not give up and won a band that called the White Band. Alati then called his red band. The latter were imposed on a national scale. First they obtained the first degree in Orbetello in 1920. In 1921 Alati and his musicians won the competition for musical groups announced in Florence for the celebrations of the seventeenth year of Dante. In 1923 the master Alati won the silver medal of the Ministry of the Navy and in 1923 there was another success in Messina. Then fascism closed the two bands. In 1945 they joined and formed a single group of musicians today led by the young maestro Vincenzo Panuccio.


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