The Romans and the Via Popilia

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Bagnara was crossed, at Solano Inferiore, from the ancient Roman road called “Popilia” that from Reggio Calabria led to Capua. It was 321 miles long according to the text found on a plaque, the “Lapis Pollae”, in Polla (Salerno).

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It was used by the Romans for military purposes. Legions and supplies passed through the soldiers who were stationed in the South or in Sicily. In the Norman period, the lower Solano station was used as a customs post by the Ruffo, dukes of Bagnara, to collect the tolls of goods passing through their territories.

The association “La Via Popilia”, periodically organizes walks. The section starts (stage 15) from Bagnara – Solano and arrives in Scilla. The duration is about 6 hours including rest and meals (usually sandwiches prepared at the start).

Interested parties can call the association to the numbers +39 0984-403690 or +39 338 609 2340 to know the dates of execution and all the details.

It is, of course, possible to organize an exclusive journey always by calling the numbers above.


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