The shepherd boy and the siren

Immersing yourself in the pristine nature of the torrent Gaziano brings to life a lost world and makes fantastic stories credible

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Bagnara rises in front of the stretch of water from the Tyrrhenian Sea and is situated on a slope that slopes towards the sea. Its origin is lost in legend as the fabulous corner of the Sirens. For its wonderful charm, it could not escape the imagination of our ancestors, the legend of the shepherd Gaziano, a young shepherd who kept his flock on the hills high aspromontane.

He spent his days leading the flock to pasture and was delighted to play the flute. One day, while he was dozing under a tree, he was attracted by the charming song of a mermaid and, asleep, in a dream, he saw a girl looking regal and charming emerge from the waves of the facing sea. The vision attracted him and, abandoned the flock, went down the slopes of the hill in search of the girl admired in a dream and, here, the mermaid singing of the siren held him in the tormented anxiety to see that face, which had enchanted his heart in one summer afternoon, while resting on the rocks. The enchanting vision reappeared and, as he tried to speak to her, it disappeared into the waves. From that day on, uninterruptedly, Gaziano placed a rose on the place of vision as a tribute to the girl of his dreams. Crazy of love, he decided to build a raft in an attempt to track down the beautiful girl, but pushed by the sea currents arrived at Stromboli. Taken from the roar of the volcano and a reddish rain, he continued to sail to the nearby islands. From here he arrived in the palace of a virtuous sorceress, to whom he unveiled his drama of love. From the sorceress, Gaziano, he learned that the girl, of whom he was in love, was part of the nymphs of the Goddess Teti, queen of the sea. Returning to the place from which he had left, Gaziano, to propitiate the favor of the goddess Teti, offered the goddess a sacrifice, invoking the grace to see the girl of her dreams again. After the sacrifice had occurred, Gaziano saw the girl coming out of a shell. Radiant with joy, he began a dialogue of love that did not find confirmation. It was then that Gaziano, desperate for love and tormented by exhausting madness, broke into tears and lying down in that place, became a torrent whose bitter tears flowed towards the waves of the sea to reach his beloved girl.

(Italian text by Natalino Tripodi ✝️)


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