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Institutional greetings

Beautiful, “sweet” and friendly

I HAVE felt, since I have been president of this Association, the need to create a tourist guide to Bagnara Calabra for citizens and for those who want to know and explore the beauty of its enchanting landscape, the charm of its history, the beauty of its beach, the lush hilly landscape and the goodness of its climate. A project already realized in 2011. After seven years, with this digital guide, I was able to put into practice the second updated edition in its graphics, but above all adapted to the social world, improving it with photos and news. At the first point, the reception of commercial operators, citizens and local associations can not be separated, convinced that the city of Bagnara Calabra keeps the centrality of the guiding country of Costa Viola tourism intact. The guide can be downloaded for free by all those who want to deepen their knowledge on the natural and scenic beauties of our Bagnara both from the site of the Proloco, both from the Municipality and, finally, from that of the publisher. In it are reported the places and sites to visit as well as historical information of cultural relevance. The Palazzo Ducale dei Ruffo, the Garibaldi Fountain, where the hero of the two worlds is said to have quenched his thirst during his stay in Bagnara Calabra, the nature trails of the Croce, Palumbari and Marturano, the Torre di Ruggero, the Norman , the Grotta delle rondini, the Belvedere with adjoining open air theater, the Caravilla Bridge and the tourist port. It will be interesting to try our hand at discovering our surroundings. Pellegrina with the renowned artistic ceramic factories and the ovens that produce the typical wheat bread; Ceramida and Solano Inferiore, located at an altitude ranging from 350 to 600 meters above sea level. From these places, you can admire the enchanting natural spectacle of the Strait of Messina and the Aeolian Islands.  The guide also includes restaurant activities and hotels where to stay, to make it easier for tourists to organize their stay in our town.

Bruno Ienco – Pro Loco president

Proud of our roots


THE initiative proposed by the President of the Pro Loco of Bagnara Calabra, concerning the realization of a new tourist guide regarding our territory, finds me particularly satisfied. To be able to carry out this important work without any burden, makes this guide more appreciated, given the difficult economic moment in which the same Pro Loco and the City. The peculiarities of our town, its socio-cultural attractions, its historical sites, its history and its socio-tourist interest are highlighted. Anecdotes are recounted by the author who once gave prestige to Bagnara in the scenario of the guiding country of the Calabrian territory. I invite all to visit our territory that boasts of the ancient and solid maritime traditions handed down from father to son, and enogastronomiche, wishing them good permanence. I take the opportunity to offer a warm greeting to our fellow citizens who have always shown a strong attachment to their roots.

Gregorio Frosina – Sindaco di Bagnara Calabra


Bagnara Calabra is located a few kilometers from Scilla in a fabulous natural scenery. The ancient center is perched on the pre-Aspromontane hills and can be reached through a steep road made of hairpin bends overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea in the part where, immediately after, Sicily and Calabria seem to join. The track of the carriage road has remained almost unchanged and, today, the high bridges and viaducts of the Mediterranean motorway that you see, looking upwards, run over, plastically represent a nature that is of extraordinary beauty and, just as extraordinarily, impenetrable. Bagnara is one of the entrance gates to the Aspromontana area which, even more, presents such contrasts that make Calabria a unique region in the world.

The landscape

The view that opens up between the turquoise color of the waters of the Strait and the green of the Mediterranean Macchia is a spectacle of rare beauty. Today, despite the addition of the modern Bagnara with buildings not entirely adapted to the natural architecture, the beach has maintained the characteristics that led many noble families to build summer residences. Set in steep slopes carved by the wind and the erosion of the sea, we find the small beaches of the Rondini, Monaco and Leone, accessible only by boat. A good idea of the harshness of the area is coming from the highway when crossing the bridge over the Sfalassà stream. The view is impressive as is the work considered among the best built in the world. The bridge is the highest (about 250 meters) existing between those with a “pushing portal”. It was designed in 1967 and opened to traffic in 1972.

The origins

Bagnara originated from the abbey of Santa Maria degli Apostoli around the year 1085 which was built by Roger the Norman. The town was a fief of the monastery of Santa Maria di Messina and then was sold to the Ruffos. Bagnara was destroyed by the earthquake of 1783 and suffered significant damage even in that of 1893. It was finally hit violently in the earthquake that destroyed Reggio Calabria and Messina in 1908. On the origins of Bagnara there is, however, a historical dispute. The scholar Rosario Cardone in one of his works dating back to 1873 states that Bagnara was built long ago. He moves the date to 500 B.C. while admitting that “… though we are so far in the dark about the precise age …”. He claims to have found “lapidary inscription” in the history of the civil wars between Octavian and Pompey (44-31 BC). Francesca Valensise (History of Bagnara Calabra, Equilibri editore) defines “largely questionable” the certainties of Cardone. The formation of today’s Bagnara, in any case, is the dating to the decision of Roger, First Count of Calabria and

This view from the surroundings of Granaro effectively shows the extraordinary position of Bagnara Calabra set between two steep slopes (Da Wikipedia commons – Photo by Jacopo Werther).

Sicily, to build the abbey of Santa Maria degli Apostoli in 1085. The inhabitants of Bagnara suffered for centuries the arrogance of the Normans and the Bourbons and the assaults of the pirates and, perhaps, for this reason the city was among the main supporters of the advanced Garibaldian that led to the unification of Italy. The Bagnaresi not only joined the army of Garibaldi, but hosted the hero of the two worlds during its ascent to Teano that I bring to the historic handshake with Vittorio Emanuele II. Garibaldi was housed in the house of the Roman family on August 24, 1860. For many of Bagnaresi it was the moment of redemption from years of reprisals and violence by the Bourbon army of Ferdinand II.After the unification of Italy the city had a new cultural and economic fervor interrupted by the earthquake of 1893 which caused deaths and damages. But he managed to get up by proposing a high quality reconstruction. There are testimonies of projects and drawings of buildings, many of which, unfortunately, were not built, but bear witness to the cultural fervor of the people of Bagnara. In fact, there are drawings dating back to that time depicting plants of buildings with baroque features such as a coffe house, a theater and a royal house of justice. Bagnara gave birth to the industrialist Vincenzo Florio (1823-1868) who then moved to Sicily and to the journalist Vincenzo Morello (1860-1933). It is a charming town with straight streets like the long Corso Vittorio Emanuele leading to Piazza Marconi, lined with beautiful palm trees.

Proloco di Bagnara Comune di Bagnara Download your eGuide
? Calabria Vigorosa


Quality is served. The accommodation offer is quite varied and offers a satisfying level of comfort. You can choose the comfort of a 4-star hotel, the concreteness of a 3-star hotel or the family welcome in charming bed and breakfasts. In Bagnara we serve you quality.
  • ? Grand Hotel Victoria – Piazza Guglielmo Marconi, 4 ✩✩✩✩ – ? 0966-376126 – Rooms: 41 – Average prices: 70-140
  • ? Albergo delle Rose – Corso Vittorio Emanuele, 37 ✩✩✩ – ? 0966-371088 – Rooms: n.d. – Average prices: n.d.
  • ? Palma d’Oro – Lungomare ✩✩✩ – ? 0966-372366 – Rooms: n.d. – Average prices: n.d.
  • ? Veranda sul mare – Via Cortile, 1 B&B – ? 349 582 0322 – Rooms: 4 – Average prices: 40-60
  • ? Villino Meme – Via Nazionale SS18, 171 B&B – ? 0966 371719
  • ? Luxor – Via Nino Bixio, 21 B&B – ? 393 809 3055 – Rooms: 4 – Average prices: n.d.
  • ? Residence Costa Viola – Vico Parini, 1 B&B – ? 0966 373333 – Rooms: n.d. – Average prices: n.d.
  • ? Il volo del falco – Via Nazionale SS19, 95 Ceramida B&B – ? 349 184 2010
  • ? B&B Anna Uliveto Garden – Località Varmeni B&B – ? 347 322 7352
Restaurants, pubs, taverns

Pleasure is all yours

In Bagnara Calabra you can enjoy both traditional, local and international cuisine. Gourmets will be amazed by the flavors of dishes with swordfish, with sardine or refined gourmet dishes and prodigious interweaving of ingredients. We provide the addresses. Pleasure to you.
  • ?‍? Al Vecchio Teatro – Via Nastari, 17
    ? Monday ? 0966 371509 ? Pizza
  • ?‍? Antica Pizzeria Carbone Rocco – Via Generale Porpora, 9
    ? n.d. ? 0966 376397 ? Pizza
  • ?‍? Carbone Carmelo – Via Don Giovanni Minzoni, 20
    ? Thursday ? 0966 371504 ? Pizza
  • ?‍? Horizon – Via Via Turati
    ? Monday ? 340 495 2275 ? Pizza
  • ?‍? La Grotta – Corso Garibaldi, 36
    ? n.d. ? 0966 474468 ? Mediterranea, Pizza, Gourmet
  • ?‍? La Feluca – Via Guglielmo Marconi, 2
    ? — ? 0966 376126 ? Pesce
  • ?‍? La Taverna del Pirata – Via Filippo Turati, 21
    ? n.d. ? 348 073 4519 ? Mediterranea, Carne, Gourmet
  • ?‍? Le Sale – Via Filippo Turati, 43 bis
    ? n.d. ? 340 304 2728 ? Mediterranea, Pesce, Gourmet
  • ?‍? Puerto Niño – Via Rocchi
    ?Tuesday ? 340 737 8797 ? Tipica
  • ?‍? Salvador Dalì – Corso Vittorio Emanuele
    ? Thursday ? 393 150 3519 – 0966 371355 ? Pizza
  • ?‍? Santabarbara 1789 – Loc. Santa Barbara, Pellegrina
    ? Wednesday ? 0966 339207 ? Mediterranea
  • ?‍? Statiola Pastificio – Corso Garibaldi, 200
    ? n.d. ? 0966 373468 ? Carne, Pesce, Gourmet
  • ?‍? Taverna Kerkira Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 217
    ?Monday – Tuesday ? 0966 372260 ? Mediterranea
  • ?‍?Trattoria I Paesani – Vico Parini, 5
    ?Tuesday ? 348 808 0719 ? Carne, Pizza
  • ?‍?Via del Corso – Corso Vittorio Emanuele
    ?Monday ? 391 773 2987 ? Pizza, Rosticceria
  • ?‍?Zza Mela – Viale Rimembranze
    ?Monday ? 340 517 7509 ? Pizza

?‍? Food & Wine

The specialties of the cuisine of Bagnara are those that every customer expects: fish well cooked. It is a tradition that dates back to the 1600s. The people of the area have always had a good relationship with the sea. They respected him and the sea was grateful. The fish is cooked very well, especially the swordfish. There are even those who cook it together with the other specialty of Bagnara, nougat. And there are also those who use Mediterranean flavors, like the Greek ones, not to forget that there is a lot of Greece in Calabria. Well cooked meat too not to mention pasta. In short, a culinary experience for which a detour is worthwhile.

Useful phones
  • ?‍♀️ City Hall – Corso Vittorio Emanuele II ? +39 0966 372709
  • ? Post office – Corso Garibaldi, 2 ? +39 0966 371 160
  • ?? Local maritime office – Corso Giuseppe Garibaldi, 28 ? +39 0966 371 303
  • ?‍⚕️ Emergency medical Service – Corso Vittorio Emanuele II ? +39 0966 372 251
  • ? Scilla Hospital – Largo Tripi Superiore – Scilla ? +39 0965 790 071
  • ? Pharmacy Cambareri – Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 43 ? +39 0966 371 376
  • ? Pharmacy ex Gioffrè – Via Nazionale, 158 ? +39 0966 371 387
  • ? Pharmacy Parisio – Via Nazionale – Pellegrina ? +39 0966 377 000
  • ? Pharmacy Valensise – Piazza Morello, 25 ? +39 0966 371 154
  • ? Pharmacy Versaci – Via Provinciale, 13 – Solano Inferiore ? +39 0966 335 166
  • ? Professional tour guides ? +39 333 105 4532 – Francamaria Giordano
  • Ceramics.
    In Pellegrina there are some factories of artistic ceramics. It is a visit not to be missed. The processing of ceramics is an ancient tradition of Bagnara. The products are of an ornamental nature and commonly used as plates, vases, bowls of various kinds. White clay is widely used and the most used technique is that of the so-called “collaggio”, the same used for Capodimonte porcelain. It is really worth taking a trip to the laboratories “Il falco” or “La regina” which are the biggest ones. But do not forget to take a look at the smaller ones. You might come across some unexpected wonder.
  • Nougat.
    It is probably the best known production of Bagnara and is exported all over the world. In the United States and Canada, they are crazy. Despite the production both in industrial quantities, the workmanship has remained artisanal. It dates back to 1860. It was the Cardone family that started the families of De Forte, Morello, Cundari, Chiarella, Caruso, Careri and Minutolo. The most famous specialty is that to “poglie” so called because the nougat is covered with a layer of sugar that is cooked with water and literally brushed on the nougat. The quality of the ingredients is the secret of his goodness. It is exquisite and you will not be disappointed even if to buy it you should spend a little more than those of industrial production.
Cellular network coverage
According to data released by the Ministry of Economic Development, the coverage of the cellular network is equal to 84.1% in 2018. In 2020 all the municipal territory will be covered (100%)
There are no particularly risky areas in the territory of Bagnara Calabra. However we recommend to those who had to venture into areas particularly inaccessible to ensure the weather conditions, to check the existence of alert by the Regional Civil Protection (Telephone 800 22 22 11 only from Italy, from abroad +39 0961 7673) and to warn the urban police of Bagnara.

Not to be missed


  • The Gran Gala del Pescespada held every year in August
  • The Pellegrina Bread Festival of Grain held every year in August
  • The Mia Martini Award held every year in October

Trains. The Ferrovie dello Stato station is served by the Trenitalia regional service. It is located in the immediate vicinity of the city center. The connections to and from Reggio Calabria are quite frequent with a maximum waiting time of 1 hour, which drops considerably in the morning and evening hours. The cost is 3 euros per person.

Line bus. The connections to and from Reggio Calabria are entrusted to the Costa Viola Bus and depart and arrive at Bagnara Marinella and at the junction of the national road 18. For timetables and tariffs it is better to call the dealer at the number +39 0965 751 586.

Car and bus rental. Bagnara is home to an important car service company that connects the city with Reggio Calabria, the Minniti airport of Reggio Calabria and the Lamezia Terme airport. For information and reservations call the number +39 0966 371039 or number 346 128 7604. The Star Bus is located in via Medina, 12.

Travel agencies

? Easytravel – Corso Vittorio Emanuele II n. 87
? +39 0966 372367 – +39 346 502 6502 – ?‍? Stefania Cianchetti
? Balnearia Viaggi – Via Nastari n° 26/28
? +39 0966 373483 – ?‍? Serena Scorza

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